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The history you only thought you knew...

Risk & Reward:
The Birth & Meteoric Rise of the Saskatchewan Party

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Gail Krawetz was born and raised in Saskatchewan, and it was clear from early on in her life that she would become devoted to her home province. As a teacher of history, she passionately shared her love of Saskatchewan with her students. As a teacher of English, she was a strenuous advocate of quality writing, and was known for her tough editing of students’ work.  
Later, as a political wife, Gail supported her husband through the decades of change of which she writes in  Risk & Reward. Living through that time from behind the scenes plus her great love of Saskatchewan history gave her the dual purpose, and unique position, from which to pen her first book.  
An active newspaper columnist and blogger, Gail  resides and writes  at  her home in  Invermay, Saskatchewan, where she lives with husband, Ken.


“Highly engaging and a must-read, Gail Krawetz's Risk & Reward is the ultimate insider's view of the creation of the Saskatchewan Party. Given the SaskParty's role in altering Saskatchewan political history, Gail's account is required reading for politics watchers and anyone who has witnessed the remarkable change that has defined Saskatchewan in recent years."

John Gormley
Best-Selling Author/
Talk Show Host


“Until this book was written, only a few of the most influential people within the inner circles of the Progressive Conservative and Liberal parties knew much regarding the political machinations that led to the creation of Saskatchewan Party…Risk & Reward lays the foundation for additional academic and non-academic work, and gives hope to political parties (large and small) who seem to have been relegated to the proverbial political electoral wilderness.”

Joseph Garcea
Political Scientist


“When I urged Gail to take on the telling of our story, I had no idea how utterly engaging the result would be. With a warm, conversational style, Gail deftly weaves together the historical narrative and real behind-the-scenes anecdotes. Risk & Reward is invaluable as not only a political reference work, but as a rare social history that not only outlines events, but paints in the colours.”

June Draude


Member, "Original 8" SaskParty Founders


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