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My mornings have gone to the birds

When spring rolls around, I like to sleep with the windows wide open. After a long winter, there is nothing better than having that cool night air and the croaking of the frogs lull me to sleep. But open windows do have some drawbacks, and, unfortunately, these seem to manifest themselves in the wee hours of the morning (my favourite sleeping time).

The problem starts around 4:00 a.m. (even earlier as mid-June rolls around). That’s the time that the robins decide to greet the morning sun. And greet it they do with their repetitive trilling. Over and over they sing out their tune. (I love robins, but, come on, 4:00?)

It doesn’t take long before other songbirds are joining in. Why wouldn’t they since the robins won’t let them sleep? Soon the sparrows are chirping under the eaves troughs, and the blackbirds reply from the nearby pond. It’s quite the symphony.

Well, except for the sporadic calls from some passing crows who decide to join in with their harsh, out-of-tune cries, turning the symphony into a cacophony. But thankfully they don’t hang around very long.

After a while the songbird melody begins to sound more like a lullaby and I start to drift off to sleep. That is until our resident woodpecker decides to strike up the band with his rat-a-tap-tapping as he searches out breakfast. Unfortunately, he is not the brightest of birds and insists on seeking out bugs on the metal-clad buildings on our farm. Try as I might I cannot shut out the jack hammer sound of his attempts to penetrate the steel bin.

Now I have no choice but to get up and close the windows. As I do so, a huge flock (or is it a gaggle) of geese fly overhead honking their way to a watery destination or a field for feeding. Despite my tiredness, I can’t help but admire their formation as they make a low pass over the yard.

I manage to grab a bit more sleep, but it’s not long before I decide that rather than tossing and turning in my bed, I should just rise and shine (well, the shine part is up for debate).

I go downstairs, put on some coffee, and step out on to the back deck to check out the weather where I am greeted by an absolutely gorgeous day.

So much so, that I am inspired to break out into song and belt out my best version of, “Oh, what a beautiful morning!” (Thank goodness, the neighbours are too far away to hear.)

I guess if you can’t beat ‘em, you might as well join ‘em.

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