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Fifty shades of grey (or is that griege?)

Before someone of you get the wrong idea and start to excitedly scan this column for some scandalous or taboo material, let me provide a spoiler alert – I am writing about hair. Greying hair to be exact. That lovely stage where the hair is neither grey nor brunette, but rather an in-between hue better described as griege.

But catchy titles or cover images have been known to grab the reader’s attention. I remember a young lad in my grade ten English class who complained quite vociferously to me about a book which I had assigned for reading.

The book was Why Shoot the Teacher by Max Braithwaite. On the cover was a drawing of a scantily-clad woman (nothing close to what would be deemed provocative today). The image was in reference to one small incident in the story where a woman in the rural school district is caught in a blizzard and spends the night at the teacherage. (No, nothing happened.)

However, my male student was convinced that there were some sordid details hidden somewhere in that book. “I read that book from cover to cover to find that section,” he complained. “But it was a total rip-off.” (Hmmm…rip-off or not, that publisher might have been on to something.)

But back to my situation. I hope none of my readers will accuse me of misleading them because I used the title of a popular novel. (And for those of you claiming to have no knowledge of this titillating book, well, you can keep denying such, but your friends know better.)

The title refers to my decision to stop colouring my hair, allowing it to take its natural course. (Well, to be perfectly honest, it’s having some help along the way.) I was inspired to take the plunge after I saw some very sharp-looking mature women (I refuse to call myself or my peers old) sporting grey hair and it looked fabulous. So I decided that maybe, I, too, could aim for fabulous.

Now just because I’ve decided to let my hair go grey, do not assume for one second that I have also decided to “let myself go.” Oh no! There will be regular visits to my hair stylist for toning, highlighting, trimming, and styling. If age I must, I will do it with all the grace and panache that I can muster.

My hair will continue to be a reflection of me and my personality. And even though for the next while, it may encompass a variety of shades (probably not quite 50), I have decided that it’s time that my hair will match the lines on my face and the years in my life.

However, when it comes to my clothing…well, that’s a different story. There I will push the limits and allow my inner youthfulness to influence my choices.

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