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Online shopping is convenient but not as much fun

These days many folks that I know are doing the bulk of their shopping online. Everything from clothing to furniture to groceries can now be purchased from the comfort of one’s own home and with the mere click of a button.

I, too, have ordered a few items in such a manner, but honestly shopping in this fashion just doesn’t hold much appeal for me.

Maybe it’s because I’m retired and don’t find myself pressed for time the way I was when I was working fulltime and raising a family. (Of course, online shopping didn’t exist back then. We were shocked when Sunday shopping became a reality.) Maybe it’s due to the fact that delivery to a farm in rural Saskatchewan isn’t an option.

It could be because when it comes to finding clothing, I usually find it necessary to try on garments. The fact that I am short in stature often makes sizing a challenge. Sizes seem to vary so much from one label to the next. Small might mean skinny, flat-stomached, youthful small for one brand, while small could also mean make-you-feel-good, but actually it’s more like a big medium by another brand. Trying on a potential purchase doesn’t happen when you order online. And there’s nothing I dislike more than having to return items.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I love the thrill of finding an unforeseen deal. Nothing gives me a bigger rush than scoring a great find at an even greater price.

For instance, I unexpectedly found the sweetest Calvin Klein puffer jacket at a 70% reduction. And it fit perfectly. I was almost faint with excitement. The sales lady informed me that a customer had just returned it because it was too small for her daughter. And I was there to nab it which I quickly did when I saw another gal eyeing the jacket. For me, this would have never happened online. (Mainly because when it comes to online purchases I usually hem and haw, debate, and reconsider several times before placing my order. By then someone else will have scooped the deal.)

I guess it doesn’t hurt that I enjoy window shopping and often just browse without making a purchase. It was on this type of outing that I came across a solid oak, trestle dining room table. I was just checking a closing out sale when I spied the table at a ridiculously low price. I couldn’t get my VISA card out fast enough.

Some people get a rush from running marathons, some folks from gambling, while others might get excited from locating items with a metal detector. For me, nothing gets my blood pumping faster than finding an item I want, need or love at a fantastic discount.

I suppose this could happen online, but it just doesn’t seem as much fun.

Happy shopping however you may choose to do it.

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