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Always try to say good-bye before leaving

In the past few weeks, various folks have approached me asking the same question, “What’s happened to your column?”

While I feel quite pleased that so many of you have noted its absence, I also feel guilty for leaving without any explanation or acknowledgements. So here I am to fix that and make amends.

First of all, let me be clear about one thing – I have thoroughly enjoyed writing for the local papers. But in the past few months my travels, family commitments, and other writing pursuits have taken up much of my time. As a result, the appearance of my column has been very sporadic which has not been fair to the editor or my readers.

My column has often focussed on some interesting or humorous incidents from my own life. I use these to make a point or for sheer entertainment. But, quite frankly, I am running out of stories. (After all, my life is not that exciting.)

So in response to those people who have asked about my column or those who have been wondering, I offer my apologies. I regret not taking the time to properly explain to my faithful readers why they will no longer find my musings in the paper. Beyond my sincere apology I must also express my gratitude. Over the past six years, so many of you have approached me in the supermarket or at community events to tell me how much you enjoyed my writing. Thank-you so much for doing so. Knowing that one has a supportive and appreciative readership is great encouragement to a writer.

One of my favourite stories (you knew I couldn’t end without an anecdote), is of a lovely, little older lady who came up to me in the Canora Co-op one day. She quizzically tilted her head to one side as she regarded me and then proclaimed, “I know you. You’re that lady who writes in the paper. I like your column so much and always read it first when I get the paper. It’s so interesting, but sometimes I just giggle when I read it.”

Her endearing words touched me deeply. The fact that my column could brighten someone’s day and that she would take the time to tell me so, was far greater reward than I could ever have anticipated. Such are the unexpected blessings that come from doing something one loves.

Although I cannot make a commitment to a regular column at this time, some of you might want to follow me and my writing career at

My advice to all of my readers (for what it is worth) – may you remember to share your own stories and may you giggle often.